Kit for MTB

New to Zwift and loving it, i am more of a MTB person and would like to see a selection of kit, ie clothing for MTB people, also a choice of bikes.

Would be great to see what Zwifters think ?

Happy biking

Hi Jam! You’re not the first to ask for this, and I think it makes complete sense. I don’t often see mountain bikers in road lycra.

If you haven’t already, it’ll be worth voting for the related feature request:

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And more trails to steer on!

It’s really too bad how under represented MTBing interests are in Zwift. I think this is a huge untapped market. So for example, Roadies are far more likely to ride year round here in CO than MTBrs because paved paths are more often rideable in winter than MTB trails at 9000 feet. Zwift would offer an alternative for them. Also, I suspect that MTBrs tend to be a bit more thrill oriented, and would take to the video game like experience of virtual trail riding. I’m hoping it’s only a matter of time before Zwift or one of the competing apps focuses more on off road.

And steering on Repack is a blast on Kickr bike!