Kids Cycling


As an earlier junior cyclist I want to make it clear that Zwift has come a long ways since in simplifying junior cyclist accounts…but there is so much more they could do.

1:Junior Category
So, there are two ways to have a junior race right now. 1st is make a private event then share it with other juniors through a website or something which is something that isn’t’t too hard thanks to Oliver Chi and his kids websitePursuit Cycling For Kids.

Second is to make a meetup. This would seem easy but if you try it you will find it is relatively complicated, as you have to have the kids you want following you.

That is why Junior Category option would be very practical, as any kid who finds the event may join it but no one else. Zwift can figure out your gender and lock some events from you, so why not your age.

2:Clubs for juniors

Just to be clear, I don’t know what the solution is, but I believe that there’s lots of legislation around safe guarding that makes this sort of thing a lot more complicated than it could be.


If there was more of a junior server where only juniors could chat with other juniors in their clubs and create private events, it would be easier I believe.

They could do that right now the question is how do you enforce and check that only juniors get access is the thing that needs monitored


Even with 100% confidence that there is only minors in the club, who is going to monitor what is said.