Kickr mat bunches up when sprinting

I have a Kickr trainer on a Kickr mat. When I sprint the mat bunches up and hits my pedals. I can continue riding but sometimes stop to pull the mat flat. The mat is on top of my garage floor which has an epoxy coating. Is there anything to prevent this from happening?

What causes it to bunch up? There are no wheels turning, so I find it curious that the mat would do anything other than stay flat, unless you trainer isn’t leveled, allowing it to rock around the floor.

Mine bunches up a little but never even close to what you are describing. Can you weigh the corners down?

Thanks, I’ll try that

If you have the front wheel on one end of the mat and the trainer on the other end, it shouldn’t bunch up.

Mine moves slowly over time, but nothing like you mention.

Do you actually need a mat if you’re using it in the garage?

My mat would bunch as my bike slightly shifted forward sprinting. I resolved it by putting a 25 pound dumbbell in front of my front wheel. I also cut my mat so the ends could overlap each other but i think the dumbbell was the real solution.

I think I found the problem. the trainer was rocking side to side when I shook the saddle. I adjusted the feet of trainer and that eliminated the rocking. After my ride today the bunching of the mat was greatly reduced.

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I have the wahoo mat since 2017 and is until now, w the kickr climb that it bunches up… its even worse … 3 days ago it bunched too much and my right foot hit the mat at every pedal stroke… I was racing, so stopping wasn’t an option… today, same thing🙈 any ideas on how to prevent this? Mat is in perfect condition, and I love it but its impossible to ride like this.