Kickr Climb doesn't work in ERG Mode?

Title says it all, but I’m super confused as to why not?

Raising or lowering the front of the trainer doesn’t change the work I need to do, so it seems totally reasonable to have it go up and down in ERG mode.

Raising or lowering the front of the trainer is good because it changes the geometry of my body position so stresses my muscles slightly differently vs flat which is good for training my hill climbing.

It also is super nice to have it change slightly on a regularly basis as it slightly changes my where my butt contacts the seat and makes it less annoying to be on the trainer for a long time.

Can I do that manually? Yes, but it seems soo stupid to not have the software do it, since it clearly can based on it working with free ride. If people don’t want it to do that in ERG mode they can just not unlock the climb before their ride.

Any thoughts zwiftians? (And zwift!)

lots of threads on this topic, try out the search bar.