kickr climb and workout mode


I just bought a kickr Climb and in workout mode, the climb is not moving, (it works fine in free ride) 
I only use Zwift for workouts and want to use the climb while doing that, is there something to do ? 


Hi Stephane,

You bring up a very interesting topic!

As I understand, the Kickr Climb will only respond in SIM mode (or Free Ride/Just Ride), and it is not going to respond in Zwift workouts. The reason for this is because the changes in resistance are not determined by elevation when doing a Zwift workout. Resistance is determined exclusively by ERG mode, which is a separate function and has no connection to elevation or climbs in Zwift. 

We have an excellent article on our Zwift knowledge base which discusses how to use ERG mode in Workouts. You may find it quite informative, and here’s another very good article for understanding ERG mode and how it works in Zwift.