Just Ride - No resistance for brick session

Good Morning,

I would like to use Zwift to run a brick session which would be 4 km cycle, then a run and repeat a number of times. The key thing from a cycling perspective is to be able to just ride without having to worry about changing gears for elevation changes and just concentrating on focus on technique for the 4km. I cannot seem to find any settings or course where we could do this, I have seen references to using ERG mode but don’t believe this would allow us to just ride with no elevation. Any pointers would be great. The setup is Watt bike Atom, Apple TV - Thanks Andy

why don’t you just make a workout at x resistance and turn ERG off that way you won’t have to deal with elevation changes. You can just ignore the the prescribed power requirement and do you own thing. You can manually change resistance and use gears.

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Hi Gerrie,

Thanks for the reply, that’s great will give it a go, I was not aware of the ability of creating our own workout.



You can do it in Zwift or http://zwofactory.com/

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You can also just set the Trainer Difficulty to ZERO by sliding the slider all the way to the left in the game settings (the default is 50%). That’ll stop Zwift from sending resistance changes to the trainer during elevation changes, effectively converting it to a dumb trainer.

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