January Recap & February Update


Heeeeey Eddy!

A month has flown away and we have hardly heard anything from you.
When I worked in a It Team a few years ago. Our programmer could solve around 100 program cases in one week if not more.1 programmer Eddy! Where is the possibility as rubberband, workouts, possibility to design and use own kits and logo for the clubs. And some ot the other missing things other of us have mentioned. We want or clubs to work?
So now its about time to push you

Eddy has been one of the best in the product team at Zwift lately for communication and getting stuff done. Cut him some slack.


Some posts was not shown when logged in on forum ealier today. Latest was this . What happened for 8 days ago didnt show up before now. I see now rubberband was out for testing

@Diana_Overpower I appreciate the feedback! Without getting into too many details, there are other teams outside of Clubs team at Zwift that I depend on to get things working such as rubberbanding, workouts, custom assets / jerseys in the game, etc to be exposed with Clubs. We have a lot of things going on with the new home screen, new places to ride, different modes, expanding pace partners, auto categorization in competition, and more while supporting major campaigns like tour of watopia and tour de zwift.

My intention is not to give excuses, but to be honest and transparent to the best of my ability with everyone so you can have a little more insight into what is going on.

I will be providing another update soon, but I have been out this past week in holiday with my family so still catching up!


Hi @Eddy_Lee ,

Would be a shame to see the cadence drop off on this (no pun intended). What’s the latest?

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Is there any update on when rides within clubs can be banded?
We have been waiting ages for this one!

We’re working on rubberbanding in events currently. Hopefully some news in the next update - not sure if this will immediately be applied to clubs though.

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