Issues when "Just Watching"

Went on just now to watch the ride that Ted King was joining and I kept being “bumped off” the rider I was watching. This has happened a few times before on earlier updates. It’s very sudden. You going along watching someone like say Ted King who is in the bunch when suddenly the entire view changes and you find yourself watching someone else on a completely different part of the island course.

In some previous cases the rider being watched had left the game and when that happens the behaviour of being switched to someone else is understandable. However, in all cases today the rider was still in the game and riding. It also on one of these switches selected a rider going in the opposite direction. This took a little while to figure out why the rider list had gone from >300 to fewer than 10.

Yup agree … this has been happening for a while and can be a real pain.
I was watching a friend the a few weeks back, whilst I was riding as well, and it would periodically shift to another rider … and sometimes it would stay there for ages.