Isn't it about time Zwift extends the visible rider limit?

Their home brew system probably can’t handle that load. Pure speculation on my behalf. Maybe another reason to embrace a commonly used system?

that was march 2017 - hard to count (feel free to try!) but looks like the limit was higher back then? maybe?

Edit - actually maybe not compared to the dots around me on this recent one

We’re on about the number of rider avatars actually visibly rendered on screen though, not the number of data points being tracked/recorded or dots on the minimap. Every single person is tracked whether their avatar shows up or not; the game wouldn’t know your position within an event otherwise.

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I thought the visible avatars on screen where also the number of dots you see on the map/gradient graphs? which is why you only see them around where you are on the gradient bit. I may have just assumed that though!

They match now IIRC, but it doesn’t mean it did in the past.

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I partly just wanted to post it because I really miss the old gradient graph!


I just noticed that. The old elevation graph looks lovely.

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I hope that the limit will stay as is. On my older laptop and now new tablet, I always have low FPS when there is too many riders in view (or flashes of bikes without riders :grinning:). Luckily the groups break down in races at some point to something manageable and I do not do big pace partner or group rides too often.

I like the idea above of selecting the limit in settings (50, 100, 200, …) which would provide options for different hardware configurations.

Consider running Zwift on device suitable for rendering 3D graphics.

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Probably solved. Just make the game available for Xbox and PlayStation :upside_down_face: