Is zwift fit for purpose as a fair and accurate racing platform

Been using zwift for a while now lots of racing but recently come to the conclusion its just not fit for purpose as a racing platform .Far too many variables with bad setups weight etc .I have emailed zwift on numerous occasions requesting a race for like for like trainers but to no avail ,or maybe publish results based on categories of trainers ,really disillusioned with zwift i have taken to group meet ups and riding around different worlds but i would love to race but its just a mess .Whats the thoughts of the zwift community ?

My first thoughts are that it should/would be up to the particular event/race organizers, not Zwift, to establish races based on like-for-like trainers.

Zwift don’t provide that level of control to organisers. You could set up races with the intention of being for a particular trainer, but in name only. You’d still be relying on honesty.

So totally unreliable then :frowning_face:
Whenever video games are involved, there will be cheats, unfortunately.
Doubt I’ll participate in racing, for this reason. I’m happy just setting myself personal challenges, beating PBs etc.

I try to look at bigger picture which is that racing is, for me, the best way to improve my fitness and is the most enjoyable way to do it too. Yes, there are a minority of cheats who mess up the bunch, results etc but I’d try not to throw the baby out with the bath water, and still race with a more sanguine mindset if you can.


Zwift have no interest in holding users to account or having categories where subscribers are discouraged from certain races, they allow people to believe they are fitter than they are ,whereas i feel deflated with all these users racing around gobbling up false watts and its left to forums to try to police this .Somebody explain to me how is this fair and how do we comprehend that other users simply are not and cannot be generating the watts they are showing
So are we in agreement then that as a racing platform at the minute zwift is not fit for purpose ?

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Andy I think it depends on why you race? I have friends IRL who won’t enter a race unless they believe they can win but for me it is fun pushing myself to my limit and finding new ones in the process. .If you are racing ZWIFT for wins and placings it can be disappointing because there are just too many uncontrollable variables. A teammate on ZWIFT has a Tickr Snap and because his rear tire pressure was low he was putting out massive watts. Once he pumped up his tire he was back to a normal human. I have another team mate who on Zwift is very svelte if you know what I mean. So, there is just no way to have a fair race in a video game. This is just my personal opinion of course but If you can accept it for what it is you can still enjoy the racing experience.


I agree with that. If I want a fair race, I’ll do it IRL. If I want a safe, indoor training platform that keeps me in good shape, then Zwift is ideal.

Yes i agree with much thats been said however its seems weve been conditioned to accept it for what it is ,thats why for me its not fit for purpose as a raceing platform …we shouldnt have to accept it
Call it out for what it is .
I personally dont race for an out and out win although it would be nice to get on a podium but i do enjoy emptying myself in the knowledge im up against like for like ,im sick of world beaters breezing past me showing nonsense watts and we are supposed to accept it …when we do that it saves zwift a job ,they dont fully adress it

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