Is trisuit really that important

Hey guys, sorry to bother you again, but I was wondering if a trisuit is a necessity in half distance triathlons? Do you really need it or can you do just as good without it? Same question goes for a swimsuit? Thanks to anyone who answers.

It depends. What are you planning to wear instead? Do you intend to change in T1 and T2?

I like to wear a trisuit with a wetsuit over for the swim.

Also, trisuits make you look AWESOME, and that’s the most important thing.


That’s really hard to say, without knowing you in person. So I can just tell you from my experiences. I bought a trisuit and a mid-range wet suit, when I switched from running to triathlon. Since then I have used the (sleeveless) trisuit about 10 events (from sprint to long disctance). The wetsuit not so much. In almost half the events it was simply to warm and wetsuits weren’t allowed. On the other hand, the wetsuit gave me the confidence to tackle the long distance events and I also had a half distance, where it was mandatory (because it was so cold). One thing I noticed is that if you really get into triathlon, cool kit will help with the motivation, but you will likely loose weight and soon need different kit :wink:

I would probably get a cheaper wetsuit next time and a trisuit with sleeves. Other than that, I’ve been pretty pleased with both.

I’d say, do your research, try it on in a store, and go for it. And enjoy the fact that your hobby doesn’t involve feeding a horse. Because that’s really expensive.


I was thinking just normal trunks for the swim, and then bib shorts and a cycling kit? Is that even smart, beacuse I don’t really know how am I supposed to get changed from trunks to bib shorts in T1? Or do I just wear the bib shorts over my trunks? Is the idea of wearing trunks even smart?

Thanks, for me the main problem would be the money, since I’m 18 and have no source of income, and I’ve already spent the most of my savings on a good trainer, tt bars, clipless shoes. I was thinking about getting a job, but the school will start soon and I just can’t keep up, also there is my training for the event, so that would be hard to fit in as well. I was thinking of wearing normal trunks and then bib shorts and a cycling kit, but I don’t even know if that would be a smart choice given the fact I would need to change from trunks to bib shorts in T1?

IIRC, there are “no nudity” rules. There are people who change in T1/2, and it shows in their timings.

The trisuit works as bib for cycling, just less hassle. That said, a trisuit that fits can be challenging - some have to do two pieces

I’ve checked from your Zwift profile where you are located. What time of year is your triathlon? I can’t see if you said you have a wetsuit, if the water temperature is cold, then a wetsuit will be mandatory.

I’ve done a few sprint triathlons where people have worn swimwear and put shorts/t-shirt over to ride and run. It’s not going to be the best experience, but it will get you there.

I do feel that a trisuit, if you can stretch to that, will enhance your experience of triathlon considerably.

It’s in late September, the 18th to be precise, so usually the weather is really nice at that time of the year around where I live, I don’t have a wetsuit, but water temperatures are definitely not cold during that time of the year

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So you can go and change during the transitions? That would be massive for me, although I wouldn’t want to lose a lot of time? Would you say it would take a big toll on my general timing?

Different races have different rules, so check with the organiser. :+1:t3:


IIRC, my trisuit T1/2 times were competitive. Depends on the course but sub 2 minutes?

The longer the distance, the less obvious T time impact is visible.

For me, not necessarily important, but certainly simplifies things. Consider:

A trisuit is a one stop solution. Swim in it, go through T1 and bike in it. The padding is typically thinner than bike shorts, providing adequate comfort but not bulky. Then hit T2, and drive on with nothing to change except your shoes. Again, the padding is typically thin enough to not be a chafing issue on the run. Easy peasy.

The only addition would be a wetsuit if that is indicated. You just wear it over the trisuit. Once out of the water, begin stripping down to the waist as you run to the transition area.

Works for me, YMMV. Have fun!

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Yeah, so i guess it is really important, it really simplifies things a lot. Thanks i appreciate it