Is Tire Width effecting my wattage output/speed

I did the short FTP test last night and my results were lower than expected. I calibrated my trainer with the cycleops app, but that did not seem to help. 

I"m wondering if my tire width (32s) is effecting my wattage output?


What i’m using:

CycleOps Magnus
Zwift Mobile Link
Zwift Desktop Application
Bike with 700x32 tires inflated to max pressure (~85 psi)

I did FTP and was disapointed with my results. But I’m a old fart. I got like 140w. ftp. I later did a ride and it said I upped my ftp to 178.  I then did a training scenerio and could not do it as set. I’ve lowered my ftp to about 160.   I’m 59 and 160lbs. 

I ended up changing my rear tire to a 25c with ~120 psi and saw a 30-50 watt increase in general riding. 

My initial FTP was 206, but i’m 210 pounds, and ride regularly. I haven’t retried the FTP test with the thinner tire, but I will in a few weeks, and I’m expecting to see a higher number.