Is it possible to use a CompuTrainer for resistance, but my Power2Max for the power numbers?

When i’m using racermate my P2M and the computrainer are generally within a few watts of each other. 

In Zwift though I’m getting some pretty huge discrepancies which make it a kind of useless platform for me.  So here’s what I"m hoping might work (but am new and don’t know)

Ant+ dongle for Cadence/HR/Power readings
Computrainer for Resistance feedback from Zwift

This looks viable Tim.

Using the CompuTrainer as the ‘controllable’ component

With your P2M as the power source/Cadence and HR through the ANT+ dongle.

Anybody else know of any issues?

Yeah, it should work perfectly.

I use a Quarq chainset for my power and cadence readings and Elite Real E-Motion rollers for controllable virtual cycling. In my case, not that I imagine it’s relevant, everything is connected via Bluetooth. 

This setup seems to work well with no issues.