Is following the Zwift Grand Prix possible?

I am a fan of bike racing. I watch the WT, Cyclocross, and XCO MTB both women’s and men’s. I want to follow elite level Zwift racing, but it is so challenging. For example, can anyone tell me, without watching the broadcast (but feel free to Google), which riders rode on round 6 for Coalition Alpha, how many points they scored, and what the final placements were for the round? No. You can’t. Because it’s nowhere. ZwiftInsider is doing race reports, but they don’t list the full rosters and results. Zwift’s own webpage for the event (here: The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App) has a section “Confirmed Results” but it is not filled in anywhere for any of the stages.

I felt like last year’s season things had much improved and I was able to follow the racing a bit, but this past season seems to have been under marketed. I never really realized races were coming up (they were too spaced apart IMO) and the season never really gained momentum. On top of that, there was no way to review the main players or get any story lines about what was going on apart from watching the entire broadcast.

Is it just me that feels this way? I worry that elite Zwift racing is fizzling out.

At the very least, within 12 hours of each race, there should be a webpage with a (minimum) one paragraph summary of the race with a table listing all the relevant things like how many points were awarded at each intermediate sprint, and what the total standings were. Heck, I’d volunteer to do this for Zwift next year if they would give me some way to access the data…


There’s supposed to be a video on that page? There is only a video for the first round. All other rounds don’t have any video.

I guess you don’t want to put the results up on the same page as the video of the event in case you spoil the results for anyone who wants to watch it. But there is a “CONFIRMED RESULTS” line at the bottom of the page. I would have thought that would take you to a results page but no there’s no link.

I keep forgetting about the ZGP. It’s like Zwift is actively trying to NOT promote it.


Zommunique does a good job covering it


Thanks for your support of my website, Mike! I feel like I owe it to the elite racers to devote time to promoting the top-tier cycling esports racing on the platform. However, I couldn’t agree more. It’s a challenge to follow the Zwift Grand Prix. For this passionate fan and promotor of cycling esports, it is getting harder and harder. Best regards, Chris

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theoretically it should be, but realistically, i think zwift are just keeping the virtual racing seat warm because nobody else is ready to take the seat yet. though wtrl apparently have something coming up, so there’s that.