Zwift Grand Prix is this really happening?

With the second race done but the first race annulled so only one race counting you may be mistake to think that the invitation only elite level racing may be a figment of your imagination

There is nothing on the zwift app
nothing on zwiftpower
If you look really hard you can find a live stream which yesterday had almost no data for a large period of the woman’s racing so was much like watching a uninspiring zwift advert without the cool music

nice view but really not informative

same kind of view

3 years ago we were treated to this… how far backwards can we go?

The live steam has has issues the commentary in both races so far often referring to the country of the rider rather than there team, as if the fact a second English’s rider (on a different team) will help each other during a race.

Feeds of riders in on there bikes are all availably but rarely shown (often the same few are and there not always in the lead of the race). If there are 4 riders going for a sprint point why not have there live feeds up on screen so you can relate the effort there putting in.

Points of interests such as sprint points are forgotten about and only after the riders have crossed them dose it occurs that the riders may have been racing for something.

Up the ADZ the first prime point was forgotten in both the womens and mens races. it almost seamed like they were watching the race with a 5-10 second delay, questioning if a rider would catch up or make the line after the rider had already crossed it (or in fact 4 riders had)

banner is the orange they still haven’t acknowledged that riders have gone thorough the points banner at this screen shot

Lack of numbers on screen mean its hard to understand what going on.
Simple things like-
-When riders is pushing hard there numbers stay white.
-When focused on a rider you cant see there watts or anything else.
Even if you were to fan view you would gain a lot more understanding what was happening in the race then if you were to watch the live stream.

There is not even a running clock of how long they have been racing for. elevation of the rider is on or a elevation profile with dots showing riders (standard hud in zwift)

As each team has sponsors and its got a prize money pot at the end of it the production value of the live broadcast would be put to shame by some school plays.

The races them self’s are interesting with lots of team tactics going on riders putting in big efforts ,that would make most of use green with envy, to get them and there team points etc.
It would be interesting if this was talked about with a bit more depth during the race.

After the race maybe chat to the winner? or someone form there team asking did it all go to plan?
the womens race two end with Sandrine Etienne having totally smashed it showing a total domination of the field, but they decide to talk to Nathan, whos’ busy warming up for his race, was there not a women that you could have possibly got hold of? There is already an under representation in lots in cycling elite with Zwift putting there name to the Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift this seems like a total own goal

There are a few weeks brake untill the next races and broadcasts so there is time to get this stuff organized and improved.
Work on the delivery, the visibility, get more information on screen and workout what is interesting to people watching.

Get the word out and get people watching there are millions of riders signing in to zwift most have no idea this racing is going on.


Frankly, I doubt most give a damn.

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While many may not care, I do think Tim raises a valid point about the broadcasts lacking a standard presentation of useful race information on screen.

There is no speed, time elapsed, or distance covered shown on screen during the races. Even at the conclusion of the race on Tuesday they did not show the final times of the women finishers for the Alpe at any time, the only infographics shown were the cut off time ticker and, the after the race, the team points. While not many don’t watch these broadcasts, I think if they are done they should be done to a bit better standard.

Most may not give a dam, but some might find it interesting, currently no one is being given the opportunity.

Lots of people don’t give a dam about the double XP or zwift play or repack rush but they atleast know it’s going on or available

Zwift has given people access to a new world one where they could race with the pro’s from there garages, bed rooms or wherever else they have space. So why not let people watch them do something mad on a route that you can then go and find out how amazing it was

As zwift is very aware it’s easiest to build engagement by lowering the barriers of entry and making it easy to understand

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Yeah totally agree.
Even last year with the wc it was impossible to see basic stuff about distance etc.

Also, I tried to search basic info about the pro Zwift riders. I didn’t find a platform where races tactics new teams etc were discussed. Also the Movistar team-site is a bit difficult to find.

Perhaps ZI could step into this game?

will not pretend that i have ever been particularly interested in watching zwift racing, but the old premier league format was very good to watch because it

1: took place one day before zrl
2: used the same course and format as zrl (albeit with slightly modified points structure)

it made for a nice recon. i don’t know what the viewership numbers in ZGP are like nowadays but i think a large portion of people probably stopped watching when they moved away from that format, i don’t know why they did that. the new formats like elimination races etc do seem very fun but from what i understand about how logistically difficult they are to run, they have little chance of ever making it to the community level

totally agree, the commentators spend way too much time explaining what Zwift is (most likely forced to read tons of copy supplied by Zwift marketing) and then totally miss what is happening during the race… Too bad for us that Nathan Guerra is racing as he is the best race commentator along with Dave Towle.

As for the annulment of race 1, which I had just heard about on The Wrap podcast, Anna brings up a great point. During the race yesterday many racers weren’t able to see the sprint banners for intermediate points, why wouldn’t that fact also annul race 2? Many racers weren’t able to see where the sprint line is for points, so how was that fair? The commentators didn’t even acknowledge them either… all these glitches make it all look so bad…

Remember during the world Esports championship race we couldn’t even see the finish line or know who won… :man_facepalming: It’s not a good look for Zwift… perhaps another reason that the UCI is moving to MyWoosh other than the alleged payday they were most likely offered…


Oh, I heard about the Grand Prix (Zwift Insider posted something weeks ago).

Has it started?

Does Zwift do any sort of publicity for the GP? Because this post is only the second time I’ve heard about it.