Introducing - Zwift Racer Rankings Done Right

It was a Chasing Red stage, which is an open (E) race. Not normal?

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Looking in to it for you

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I found this response from Flint on ZwiftInsider a bit interesting.

Because what was initially messaged was they were going to do something similar to ZP or UCI rankings which is not at all what this ELO solution is. Would be nice for Zwift to clarify how the two line up.


Damn, now I’ve got to choose between this race and the new Le Col/Alliance league race on RGT. Anyway it seems about right for me with 2847 putting me right in the middle in C. BTW on what circuit is it on, it doesn;t seem to show up on the web page ?

2 x Richmond UCI Worlds

How does the use of an ELO system jive with bike racing being a team-type sport. Losing ranking because you decide to perform a domestique role would be super annoying. Though, this more asks the question of what the ranking system should be. Are we trying to rank people according to their ability using results or are we just trying to order people according to their results?

Websites that don’t let you set the page directly can be quite frustrating.

Even at 100 riders per page it requires 174 pages for the full Gold rankings. Trying to click through these one at a time to get to my rank of around 3100 so I can see what my fellow rankings are like is less than ideal.

There is a search bar at the top of the “Overall Ranking” page where you can search by your name.

Yeah, how do you think I found out my ranking?

I want to know the stats of other riders around my same ranking.

That “search” will enable you to find your ranking class and score but it doesn’t tell you where you stand relative to other riders in that class, other classes or overall (which, I’m guessing. a lot of riders are interested in knowing?).

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Thanks James, very exciting!

Here’s how the race predicting site thinks how each category will play out at the mo.

A number of racers haven’t read the manual and look like they’ve not realised the pen allocation is reverse of Zwiftpower, some very strong riders in A and B so far!

Would it help if we add our pen allocation and rank to our names for the race, so I would be something like “Steve Clowes [C3153]”?

Paul your name appears in the results of that race but clicking on your name brings up this message

Application error: a client-side exception has occurred (see the browser console for more information).


Edit- and no rank alongside your name

I have changed my mind. I don’t like the new ZwiftRacing ranking races anymore :roll_eyes:


There are flaws with zrace, I’m predicted 16th in C despite my 90-day record for 20min power on Zwiftpower being 0.77W/Kg… This could be a problem in a ~32Km race! :rofl:



I only just realised this after Steve pointed it out.

The race description lists from Pen E (strongest) to Pen A (weakest). If you’re not paying attention you might have expected this to be Pen A (strongest) to Pen E (weakest). Fortunately for me I’m in Pen C either way so it made no difference.

As a result there does seem to be quite a few people who have selected the wrong category, particularly in the two lowest categories (A and B in this system). Perhaps enough to render the results pointless. For example, there’s four people in Pen B who have 20min of 4w/kg or higher. Pen A is a completely random motley assortment of ZwiftPower B to D category riders.

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I would say the majority of races are not team based, or at least, even when they are there is rarely a sacrificial move from a teammate (points races aside), but one way to overcome this may be a separate team based ranking, so your team can rank up and down in team races, but not the individual. All up for discussion.

This has been fed back and discussed a few times, looking at the best way to do it.

Yep, recognised and looking in to the best way of doing it

You can lead a horse to water…