Internet connection problem

To all my German friends! I have this hanging in my pain cave.


Same problem here. Neither companion app nor Zwift itself work. I write a ticket already. Did you guys write one as well?

Ben, I’m don’t even live in Germany, so what does Deutsche Telekom have to do with it?

Thanks for the DNS tip. In the meantime I’ve paid for a VPN service and it works, at least.

A lot of other ISP are on the backbone of Deutsche Telekom.
Even if they’re not german.
Telekom is a europa-wide TIER2 provider.

Maybe it’s not even a Telekom problem but a problem in a big internet node like DE-CIX or Amsterdam/Rotterdam that’s used by Telekom for transatlantic traffic. We’ll never know.

I have the same problem. Android connection, In the morning is OK. In the evening, wenn I have time to ride, I can’t connect to zwift. No companies no zwift no internet page. Zwift open and after a few minutes comes a popup, account not ok, or no street’s, but no chance to lock in. Have someone a idea or is the problem the to many people on zwift
All other apps work fine.

jetzt geht es auch morgens nicht mehr

I have the same problem since 10 days, even in times when there are only 9000 are logged in… My internet is working fast and perfect without problems with other programs. Login is currently like Rusian roulette. Cheers Friedhelm

It’s a known issue…

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