Intel NUC: Anyone using?

I’m planning on getting one of the new Broadwell based Intel NUCs ( when they become available in March. Is anyone running Zwift on the Haswell series NUCs? If so, how well does it run?


I tested it for a while on a Broadwell-Y system (and another lower spec Broadwell-D). It worked – this was an earlier build of Zwift – albeit at a lower resolution. I suspect most of the lower TDP integrated graphic solutions will run but scale appropriately.

I am using an Intel NUC D340110WYK. It is working absolutely ok for me, Zwift seems to Switch to the Basic graphics mode, but I am still blown away by the realistic feel of the game.

I have used the D340110 and D54250 with good results. I have tweaked my basic.txt file to use a higher resolution and still achieve 25 to 35 frames per second respectively. I mainly use the D340110 which is the lower end box and have enjoyed every minute of it.

Thanks. I’m looking at the i5 which comes with the Intel HD 6000, so I’m thinking it should have enough power to run Zwift at a decent resolution / frame rate

Old thread, but I thought I’d chime in with a (relatively) inexpensive NUC setup that is working well.

NUC713BNK (7th gen i3)

2 X Corsair 4GB SO-DIMM (2400, running at 2133)

Intel SSD 600p (128 GB)

At present total is $419 (US).   The i3 is enough processor wise, but I think the key is the 620 series integrated graphics.   It is running smoothly at 1080p.


Thank you for your posting. I’m considering buying a NUC7I3BNK myself (Intel HD Graphics 620) or a faster NUC (Intel HD Graphics 650) any ideas if the 650 is worth the extra cost for zwift?

I’m searching for a good budget pc only for zwift (and i need it to be light cause i have to bring it with me for every workout).

With a mini itx case i see something around 600€ with a ryzen 3 and a 1050ti nvidia…but i want to consider even mini pc like NUCs or Zotac. I d like to spend something like 400€…

At the moment i have a NUC 3410 (i3)…how can it run zwift? The laptop i’m using for zwift with a 610 nvidia gou can only  runn zwift at 720p with 13/16 FPS avg…it’s a poor experience.

@Fabio For your usercase maybe a tablet is more optimal.