Integrate with TriDot to have workouts auto-load to Zwift

It would be great if Zwift and TriDot would link up so workouts could be imported.

I think it would be wonderful for Zwift to allow integration with workouts from TriDot. Please make it happen.

Yes, do this!

Yes, that would be awesome.

Love this. Please yes!

This would be so amazing! Please make it happen!!

Yes, please integrate Tridot workouts into Zwift!

Please allow the interface between TriDot and Zwift. This would be huge for both TriDot and Zwift

Please allow this…PLEASE!!!

When are we going to get TriDot added to Zwift? It’s a must have!

I would love an integration!

Please!!! We need the integration.

This is essential. How many votes and recommendations are needed to get you guys at Zwift to respond to the voice of your customers. Let do this.

I vote YES!!! It would so much easier especially since I have to borrow my fiancé’s work computer each time.

Yes! This would be amazing!

Yes. This would be a great move!

Please implement this!

Integration would be a game changer for my TriDot workouts on Zwift. Right now I’m considering if Zwift is the best platform and integration (or lack there of) is a huge consideration.