Add support for in the connections page to import structured workouts is a growing platform for performance tracking and fitness planning, tightly integrated with Strava.
They support structured workouts and training plans and it would be really neat if if was possible to export workouts directly to Zwift.
Exporting ZWO files is already supported, so having a direct connection similar to what is possible with other platforms like Training Peaks would be ideal.

Also they estimate eFTP, so automatically updating FTP in Zwift (similarly to updating weight from Withings) would be super handy.

It would be good if at a minimum we could download structured workouts directly on an iPad. The whole cloud feature for Zwift is bonkers: I need to have a pc, download the workout to the PC Zwift folder, fire Zwift on the PC, AND THEN the workout will appear on my iOS device…
Who in their right mind came up with this idiotic sequence?
IOS now support accessing the file system. Make a Zwift folder accessible to the Files app in iOS and let us dump workouts in there…