Add support for in the connections page to import structured workouts

+1 please

Come on Zwift…. Please!

Dont expect too much please. I cant remember in my Zwift years that the devs or product managers really reacted on customer feedback.
Btw one of the reasons why i moved away and stopped my subscription

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Bump!! Zwift get this done already.

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This would be handy. It could easily be that Zwift has business arrangements with Intervals competitors. Not judging, that could easily be a thing. Also might easily be one more item that’s on the long list (just check these forums) of features that people want and each one isn’t too hard but the list is quite long :slight_smile: But it gets my vote.

If you define sound that way, then all vibration in any medium is sound. But it’s useful in physics to distinguish the concept of ‘sound’ from the concept of ‘vibration’. We also need some word for the perception of vibration as processed by various organisms. I can sense some vibration via touch, but the sense of touch is different from the sense of hearing. So we need different words. It’s therefore useful to use the word ‘sound’ to refer to the perceptual process in various organisms. (We could use ‘sound’ to refer to vibrations produced at certain frequencies, but that would require an arbitrary cutoff of which frequencies count–only human ones? More organisms than humans can hear.)

The tree falls in the woods, and it produces vibrations in various substances, including the ground and the air. If there is an organism nearby with the sense of hearing, a sound is produced (a sound is ‘heard’). If there are no hearing organisms close enough, then those vibrations are not translated into sound.

If you use the word ‘sound’ to refer to the vibrations caused by the tree’s falling, then you will need a different word to refer to the sensation produced (heard) in nearby organisms by those vibrations. That’s linguistically messy and inefficient. The physicists will further need to clarify when they are talking about vibrations, and when they are talking about vibrations that are sensed by hearing. Much tidier to say “the tree produces vibrations, yes. But sounds are certain sensations.” :slight_smile:


Probably the best option to go to.
You can also use TrainingPeaks just for getting the workouts in zwift, but once set-up this option is a lot better!

Great to see so much progress on this in two years :ok_hand:

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So, this just became a bit more important for folks who would like to keep using for free.

Strava sync to is about to become a paid feature because strava is no longer increasing the rate limits for calls to their APIs for intervals and they can no longer support all unpaid users without going over that cap.

You can still take your files and upload them through other means, such as via Garmin, or directly etc, but the simple auto-strava to sync is about to go away for unpaid users.

In the thread below did mention they approached Zwift to see if they would enable auto-sync to intervals without going through Strava, but Zwift said: No.

As seen here:
Strava sync to become a paid feature - Announcements - Forum

EDIT : Ah, I misunderstood the initial thread, it’s just for workout sync from intervals to Zwift. That’s a separate request - That said, it would be good to have as a default activity sync partner Zwift Activity-> due to the above. If needed this can be split into a separate thread.


I create my workouts in so being able to import them direct to Zwift would be ace, and would keep me hooked into the Zwift platform. I’m only 4 months inti Zwift and already feel like I’ve outgrown the inbuilt training plans.

I was just about to write the same. If Zwift allowed to connect to and pull in workouts on my calendar, that would be amazing! A reason to ditch TrainerRoad and play around with my own workouts :slight_smile:.

That is because:

  • The workout builder within the ZwiftApp on my Android is buggy and keeps crashing the app when I try to change numbers for zones or time (connecting BT keyboard crashes the app and using virtual keyboard on screen is also messing up the interface). Very user-unfriendly.
  • Importing ZWO files is a no-go because there is no way to do it on Android

I last posted asking fro this July 22.

Come on zwift just add it in with winter around the corner