Install failed on iPad, now it's failing on Android too!

Hi All,

Any help appreciated, if I’m the problem please tell me!

In my last post here the Zwift apple app wouldn’t install on a perfectly good iPad 4th gen tablet, despite the IOS being sufficient version for the compatibility table (support just said if it installs great it’ll work, if it doesn’t install then it won’t, great, thanks for that!!).

So we went and bought a brand new Android tablet instead thinking we couldn’t go wrong if we bought new! So, new tablet arrives and logged on to Android and don’t see the Zwift app in Google Play Store. So, downloaded it on a friends tablet and transfer it over, the APK won’t install and says “This app isn’t compatible with your phone”.

I try a different installer and the actual error I’m seeing is “INSTALL_FAILED_NO_MATCHING_ABIS”. Google says this error means “The APK was not built with the correct ABIs” and “The system failed to install the package because its packaged native code did not match any of the ABIs supported by the system.”. I guess I could just try to edit the APK file to add in these required hardware ABI’s (Application Binary Interfaces) in to it myself, but would guess this is frowned upon by Zwift, I wouldn’t get it updating automatically, and it would also be pushing my abilities.

This is from the tablet “Android version, 7.0; vXA280100; SDK24. CPU, 4 cores; ARMv7 Processor rev 3 (v7l) mt6580; Max: 1300.0 MHz; Min: 604.5”.

The Zwift Supported Devices web page says the requirements are:

  • Android® 7.0 or higher
  • Arm64-v8a ABI (Arm64 architecture)
  • At least 1 Gig of Ram
  • OpenGL ES 3.0 or higher

The manufacturer says mine has all this, but I already know my what my reply from Zwift will be as there’s this fantastic disclaimer on that page too: “If you’re not able to find the Zwift app in the Google Play Store from your Android® device, it’s not compatible with Zwift”. This doesn’t give me anything useful and just serves as yet another get out of jail free card for the support, I’ll just keep buying tablets until I get lucky I guess, so poor!!

So, here I am with one perfectly good iPad - failed, one brand new Android tablet - failed. I’m surprised to see people on here actually managing to use the app! I’m getting thoroughly fed up and I haven’t actually managed to use it yet!! Seriously think I might just send everything back for a refund!!

If you’ve got this far, thank you for reading my moan, are there any Android devs (or Apple, I still have the iPad that doesn’t work either) out there?!!



I can’t speak for the Ipad but did you not check to see if that Android Tablet was compatible first?
What model is it?

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Thanks Stuart, It was bought by my friend but I think it’s a cheap one called a Mediatek MT6580. He asked them if it would work and they said yes but could be just their default answer. I would be sure enough to say yes too if I was selling brand new tablets. Almost everything new now is going to be better than Android V7 etc…

The MT6580 isn’t a new tablet. It’s been around since 2016. Zwift has no chance of running.
If you are looking for a budget tablet try the Samsung Galaxy A7. Definitely works with Zwift.

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Thanks Stuart, that’s frustrating as the Mediatek one seems to match the minimum spec.

Thanks for the tip, it doesn’t need to be budget but as it’s only used for this I don’t see the point in spending when I don’t need to! I’ll return it and will get an A7 so fingers crossed!

What would be nice is if they published a minimum spec that actually was a minimum spec, stopped the “well if it doesn’t work then it won’t work” cop outs. If they can’t manage this then they should publish a list of compatible devices and say it has to be one of these, although personally, I’d rather they just opened it up to every spec and if you run it on old hardware then it goes slow… simple!

Update, the supplier is having the tablet back for a refund as going by the above it’s not compatible and they said it would be (kind of them as it’s not their fault, it ticks all the boxes on the zwift compatibility page).

I’ve been offered a tablet with a running copy of the app already installed so it looks like this nightmare is over.

If anyone from Zwift is reading this, sort your apps out please!!!

It didn’t meet the minimum specs.

They’re published here: ZwiftGame Android FAQ (v 1.0.60239)

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Bugger, you’re right too :frowning:

Thanks for letting me know, and apologies to Zwift for moaning and blaming them.

In my defence, it is rather confusing even for me, a self confessed geek (and the tablet supplier said it’d be ok too!), wish Zwift would just open it up to all and if it’s low spec hardware then just let it run, even if that means it runs pants!

To be fair to Zwift if they allowed it to run on any hardware it would damage their reputation.

Rather than people saying “This tablet doesn’t allow Zwift to run very well”

They would say “Zwift is crap on this tablet”

Better to have the product running well or not at all.

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