Indoor cycling saddle

Hi, hopefully someone can help, I am using a Wattbike Atom and having serious saddle problems, I use Selle SMP saddles on my road bike and MTB but on Atom during zwift after about an hour I am nearly numb, can anyone recommend a good saddle for indoor cycling

Can you let me know if anyone replies as I’m in same situation with atom…owchy front bottom us numb!!! I’m a lady by the way…:+1:

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I make sure I stand up in the saddle every 15 minutes since you are more stationary while indoor riding.

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Saddles are a personal fit. What works for one person might be torture for another. Also, riding an indoor trainer tends to get uncomfortable faster than on the road due to a lack of shifting positions. Standing up for a little while can definitely help.

On the road, I’m very comfortable on a Specialized Toupe, but on the trainer, I’m fighting it after about 45 minutes. This past weekend, I put on a 20-year-old Selle Italia Flite Gel. It’s lovely. Plenty comfy after a nearly 2-hour Zwift ride on Sunday.

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Recommended saddles in the local women’s club are ISM. PR 1.0 for example is very popular and rarely a bad fit.

I’m considering getting a slightly wider saddle for Zwifting.
I never have a problem outdoors but I think the lack of position changes and the fact that I am more upright places more pressure further back and more lateral.

I like my Selle SMP for riding Zwift, also. Can you put one on your Wattbike?

As mentioned previously, saddles are personal. The only way to find the right one is to keep trying saddles. Some bike stores have “demo” saddles available. Or order a bunch from somewhere with a reasonable return policy.

Shifting position on the saddle while riding the on a trainer can help. The bike isn’t moving as much, or changing angle, or rolling over different road surfaces. (Well, some of those happen if you have some high end gear…) Shift forward, back, stand up, change cadence, move hand positions…

I ride Selle SMP saddles on my road bikes and MTB but after an hour using one on my Wattbike I start hurting

I happened to have a spare Brooks leather sofa (B 17 something I think) that I decided to try indoors, even found an old seatpost to make switching back and forth easier. Now I’m just wondering if I’ll like it outdoors again as well…

Indoors you do end up spending much more time in the saddle than outdoors so it is indeed a good idea to make an effort to pedal standing every once in a while especially on longer rides. The next question is if saddle position should be different from outdoors as well (and if so, how) as indoors I seem to ride mostly in the back-straight-up no-hands position.

Excellent…thanks for yr help