Incorrect distances

Apologies if this is the wrong forum ,just trying to get to grips with Zeift. Have just completed a 25 mile ride which was recorded on both watt bike and garmin ,however , swift has recorded as 21 miles . All seemed set up ok so a little confused . Any help ?

If you did a 21 mile ride on Zwift, where is the 25 miles coming from?

Your actual mileage was {drum roll} zero miles.

Anything else is algorithmic madey-uppey. The difference you’re seeing is because they’re using different algorithms.

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Garmin and Watt Bike both record distances (using algorithms ) but both were on 25.1 m v Zwift at 21 . Wondered on what that would be and how you can correct it (if indeed you can)
Not life changing but more curious

I would think that this is because the Garmin and WattBike are considering your entire ride to be on flat ground, while the Zwift distance takes the (virtual) terrain changes into account.

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This is normal

There’s nothing to correct because, as I kinda said before, none of them is real.

Just pick one and stick with it.

I noticed this when trying IndieVelo and double-recording using my Garmin. The Garmin reported less distance than IV when I was descending and more than IV when I was climbing.