In game interaction

Would anyone else find it interesting to have more interactive areas in the game?  I know they are creating an expansion area for a longer climb currently.  What if there was a section that had an earthquake occur that caused a rock slide.  It would begin shaking and you would have to sprint to beat the rock slide in order to continue on the path.  If you don’t sprint the rocks would block the road and you would need to turn around.  Maybe the mayan temple has some doors that will close unless you have enough speed to make it through before they close or you have to turn back.  What if there was a section with a gap that you had to jump?  Just my thoughts to add more game to the game.

Always nice to dream, but consider how Zwift works. A constant stream of users means landslides and closing doors would always close/fall on someone else (or you).

Zwift is not designed for sprites and even a group ride dust cloud is system intensive.

Jumping a gap sounds pretty cool! Fancy code involved and different types of trainers… headache. Do you enjoy it when your stomach goes through the roof when you enter the London tunnels at speed? I sure don’t.

A lot to work out. Fun ideas though!