Improved power when I sit up and ride hands free

I’ve noticed when I sit upright and ride hands free (dangling by the side) i have increased power and can keep a higher cadence.

Is this expected? Is is my seat too low and maybe too far back?

Thanks much

From my experience that is not expected.

If I sit up I produce less power.

I don’t think you’ll get much concrete info about your bike fit from the small bit of info you have provided. DC rainmaker did a review a long time ago on a bike fit app that you may like to get

That would suggest your handlebars are too low. Without knowing anything about you or your bike fit, I can only guess, but I assume you are doing a long, steady speed ride for that to be the case? It suggests you are more able to breath comfortably, maybe because you haven’t done a lot of training on a bike in the normal riding position? On a long ride, if I sit up I can maintain power and cadence, but my heart rate will increase slightly!

Same happens to me and it’s because I can engage different muscle groups that aren’t as tired. I would also venture that if you’re like me my core is not as strong as it should be and when sitting up it is a little easier to engage the core than when riding on the hoods for example. Position on the bike is important for putting power to the pedals but outside we also have aerodynamics and handling to consider. Ever notice how virtually all “Spin studio” bikes have handlebars raised higher than the seat? Ride like that outside, in a group or a race, and you’d be wasting a ton of power.

Thank you everyone for the comments. I will experiment with the handlebar height and maybe seat height. When I sit up it feels like I can push through stronger in the down cycle and pull up stronger (more momentum gained from the stronger downcycle). I thought this had something to do with seat height (it being low) but the handlebar being too low might also have something to do with it.

And then the seat might be too far back! So many parameters.

Fwiw I won’t claim to be an experienced cyclist in terms of long distance. Zwift is certainly changing that and with this pandemic I’ve moved up to level 8 and ftp is around 164 (to give an idea of my experience and fitness levels). Trying to cycle an hour five days a week usually Emily’s short mix followed by riding or sst(short) followed by some more riding.

Thanks all