Implement Tredict interface as replacement for Todays plan

As todays plan users we have been forced to move to another coaching / training platform. However quite a few are not implemented (yet)
Kindly consider direct interface with Tredict their developers have reached out to zwift before however until now no direct interface was achieved


Welcome to Forums @Remco_van_Veldhuizen. It’s Juan here from Zwift. I appreciate your valuable enthusiasm for keeping Zwift integrated with your favorite training planner to track your training analysis, Tredict.

With Today’s Plan will shut down on March 12, 2024, we have received multiple requests to fill the gap they will leave. Sharing your idea here is a well-thought-out step. Our developers are over around, so you could gain attention from them. The more attention an idea receives, the more likely it’ll get implemented into Zwift. You may find many members have the same thoughts and ideas as you.

Thanks for using this space. Ride On.