Impaired Riders

Hi All,

Just after a little feed back on an idea I put to Zwift a number of days ago.

I am a Left Leg Above Knee amputee, I use two different legs depending what I’m riding, Road, Mountain or Horse! I don’t hide the fact I have a prosthetic limb, more so I like to show others on the road that I can still get out and do something.

So, my question to Zwift was, would it be able for those impaired riders to have an Avatar to represent their impairment?

I have found that whilst on the road, other riders show positive encouragement for people like myself which is a great boost to self esteem and confidence in what we do.

Any thoughts? Is it something worth looking into? If so do leave a comment or 3!

Brilliant idea! I hope Zwift will act upon this ASAP. Good luck :bike:

Hi @Stuart_Holcroft

See this similar topic.

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