I won a C Cat race

I have not raced in over 5 months so I was thrilled to take a very close win right at the line. Zwiftpower.com says I won by 0.08s. Yes less than a tenth of a second.

Anyhow sorry for the post I was just so thrilled about it. Only my second win since moving up to C and as we all know moving up is absolutely brutal.

There are two key takeaways:

  1. There were only a couple riders in the top 10 over limits at 3.3 avg. There were pretty much no sandbaggers. It was unheard of. Never seen such a fair Zwift race.

  2. I have read many comments about how Zwift’s physics favors w/kg too much over raw watts. This race shows a different story. I had less w/kg than places 2-14, 17,19, and 20.

Full video is on my YouTube page, but I don’t think links are allowed in these forums? Can someone let me know.

Cycling Boss on YouTube


Good one - rare to find good quality fields, but when you do, makes them more engaging.

You can post links after hitting a minimum # of posts - no idea what that is but a simple way around it is to post a link and put a couple of spaces in it - people know what to do from there.


Nice, just watched the video.
Thanks for posting.