I want to start Zwifting! Help me please!

So I want to start - live in a city where can’t cycle outdoors - try to get to a cycle cale 23 km route once a week at the weekend - currently rent bike there.

I have found a secondhand kickr snap for 400 eur…new here it costs 550 eur.

Do not want to spend a lot of setup - What cheap bike should I get to go on there.

Ultimate goal is to do a mini triathlon in November - 400 m swim, 20 km bike and 5 km run and improve my fitness.

I am looking at this bike:

or a really cheap one like this…

Please…pretty please…some advice?!

Hi Jose, I would say check out the Zwift Riders group on Facebook. You’ll probably get much more traffic that can help you.

If the bike fits on the Kickr Snap, it doesn’t really matter what bike you get. Get a bike that you’d ride outdoors as well. A 20km bike ride isn’t that far. Yes, you’d do it faster on a road bike but basically anything can work and be fun.

I own a $2500 road bike but I have a $450 hybrid with an upright seating position that’s a size too small for me attached to my turbo trainer (it’s my wife’s bike and we can both use it). Zwift doesn’t care one bit how expensive your bike is, it only cares about your power output.

Any bike will do but whatever has an 11 speed set-up may be better. Use a towel to keep the sweat from getting everywhere. Then, just ride,ride,ride.
Come back and tell us about your first impressions. (I was totally lost how to set up when I started. But, my first ride was so much fun. Rode up the big mountain and loved watching the descent.)

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Thanks I will!!

I have to have slick tires right??

Thanks! can’t wait

Since the Kickr Snap is a wheel on trainer (ie: you keep the wheel on the bike and it connects to a roller on the trainer), I suggest you get a trainer specific tyre, else the noise will be unbearable and you will eat through your tyre and leave rubber all over the place.

I use the red Vittoria Trainer Tire. Good balance of grip and durability.