I give up on the Merach bike...need help for new one:

Help, please. I have given up trying to get my Merach S09 spin bike to play nice with Zwift, or even with QZ/Zwift. Three weeks of spending more time trying to get going, rather than going, is enough.
A trainer is not a viable option for me; I need a dedicated indoor bike that will actually just connect to Zwift and all the functions will…function. I’ve looked at Zwift’s compatible list and the bikes that do what I want are substantially more than I want to spend. I realize that means I’m asking for an improbable answer.
If a bike can be bought at a lower price than the Zwift list, even using QZ, please tell me. And if I’ve put my foot in it by mentioning a third party app, please tell me that, too.

The only really good smart bikes are made by Tacx, Wahoo, Stages, and Wattbike. They are costly.

Among QZ users, Echelon and Schwinn (aka Bowflex) are popular choices. The QZ Facebook group is a good place to find users of those bikes. I have not used those bikes so I don’t have personal experience to share.

Thanks, Paul, yes, I’m aware of the high cost, and I’m sure they’re justified, but at this point I can’t justify them.

I’ll try to divine if the Echelons can do what I most want: auto resistance adjustment using Zwift.