I can't seem to find the answer

I would like to send a message to a user. I can’t seem to find where to or how to so that. Can somebody please tell me, or point me to a link to tell me how to do this? Thank you.

You can send them a message here on the forums, or comment on their activity. I think those are the only options.


If they are Zwifting at the same time as you, you can also send them a direct message using the ‘text’ button on their profile.


If you are using a PC and keyboard you can send a broadcast message (visible to nearby or group riders) by pressing “M” on the keyboard, typing message and pressing enter or send.
If using the companion app, when in the “game” screen you should have a message tab at the top. You can send broadcast message by entering message and hitting send.
You can send a direct message by find zwifters clicking their name then sending a text.
See the information at this link. https://support.zwift.com/en_us/using-the-zwift-companion-app-Hybn8qzPr
Should answer most of your questions.