Screen Name

Why is it that when I enter my screen name, I don’t see my screen name as I entered it on the active screen?

Also, is “texting” the only way to communicate with fellow riders?
Thank you


When you enter your screen name where? And what is the ‘active screen’?

Also: yes, texting is the only way to communicate with other riders in-game. You can do this through a general text (that goes out to everyone ‘within range’, or you can send a message directly to another rider. However, some riders also use Discord, and probably other apps, to communicate while riding.

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David, I regularly bike with my friends on Zwift while videoconferencing on Skype. This works very well.

In Zwift, you can either send a text message to a specific rider or to every rider in the neighborhood. Both are quite awkward. I recommend you turn of that massaging altogether, unless you are eager to find out who within 2 km radius from you needs a pit stop - this is the kind if things you see on that messaging. A flood of stupidity.

Text messaging is the only way but you can sync ear buds and microphone and use the talk to text function.
I Zwift with Ant+ so the Bluetooth peripherals don’t mess with the game but some people seem to have issues if too many blue tooth devices are connected.

When I’m on my bike, I have no access to a keyboard, so that’s why when you see me drop to “0” it is “Don’t text and ride” mode!


If your running Zwift on another device, you can run the Companion app on your phone.
I mount my phone on my handle bars and only have to tap the microphone icon and talk.
I could lean forward and actually use the mic on the phone.
Just saying what I do.
That’s one of the best things about Zwift.
Everybody does it just a little different.

I do not have that ability with my phone. It is only a very basic phone. It has to be a way with just the computer, and mic./camera.