Hun and physical handcycles

So they have considered virtual handcycles in the software but no support for physical handcycle to support indoor training for handcycle riders. I am not sure of the purpose of the virtual handcycle. Being a 100% disabled veteran who relies on the handcycle for therapy and cardio, it’s a bit discouraging trying to find a trainer that can fully support a physical handcycle with feet in foot straps. There is a large handcycle community out there who are competing and training. We can benefit from a good indoor trainer.

You’re not wrong. Do you know about this community? They are finding creative ways to use standard trainers with handbikes. That doesn’t solve the problem of no trainer being made to work standardly with handcycles of course. Definitely should be happening.

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Thanks Tim, I will check it out. I am hoping Zwift gets on board.

I’m not sure Zwift has the capacity to do much about it–their own Hub trainer is a rebranded trainer from another company, they aren’t really making their own product there. I’d think that it would need to be one of the big trainer companies–Wahoo, Saris, Tacx, etc. that would be able to do the innovation. But here’s to hoping someone gets it done.