HUD should display your FTP and FTHR percentage, not just the absolute value

On the road I have my Garmin set to show my percentage of FTP and FTHR not just the watts/bpm. This would be nice to see in the main HUD of Zwift to help you keep in particular training zones.

It would be nice to have that as a configurable feature. Indeed it would be good if all the data displays could be configured with your own fields like you would on a Garmin.


BTW. It’s HUD - short for Heads Up Display, not ‘hood’ :wink:

Thanks Mark, I did know that once you pointed it out :wink:


Its been a long week!

Yes, configurable HUD would be great. It would be nice to be able to bring your W/KG into the HUD for group rides that use that as a measure for pacing. I can see mine on the right, but it’s really small. Other than group rides, I don’t really use it much, so having the option to configure as needed would be a real benefit.