Rider Intensity Required %HR or %FTP

I like the w/kg but it gives no indication of the intensity that rider is working at. I think an intensity bar would add interest and allow you more info on who to ride with. 

Just a graphic bar by the side of or underneath the rider tag which shows either % of FTP or % of Max Heart Rate


That sounds like a decent idea.

+1 on that you should have an FTP nd max heart rate setting and a variable bar is something many software products now use to indicate how you are working out.  If not in the group ride mode it is absolutely essential for the training mode that is soon to come.


Having a color feedback would also make it easier to see how hard other riders are working. The w/kg display is too small for me to read as it is right now.

I’m not sure I want OTHERS to know how hard I’m working (as you wouldn’t in the real world) but I would love to know how hard I’M working, particularly FTP for workouts.

in addition if you had an entered FTP you could actually have handicap races, similar to Erg Video which allows you to ride at the same relative intensity as the actual riders in the video.  Of course no matter what you do there is no way to avoid people messing with any system and it is all on personal honesty.  So for a race it would be cool to have options, one based upon absolute watts and another on % FTP.