HUD Improvement to show course profile

I sometimes have an issue with the HUD in the top right of the screen - The profile display doesn’t show the best elevation profile / distance info. I’d love to see a very detailed 1KM elevation display, as well as the ability to see the entire course elevation / distance. (before a race, or during a ride.)

I’m frustrated with the current elevation profile as well (can’t clearly see it, lack of detail, etc.) but would like to add a few specific thoughts:

  1. Make the rider/runner icon stay in the middle (so you can see what is coming up, and visually compare it to what you just went through)
  2. Make the “upcoming” section always be to the right (no more guessing which way the elevation profile/rider icon is moving)
  3. Make the distance user selectable (instead of showing the whole route, show X km ahead of and behind the rider)
  4. Make the elevation profile auto-adjust in real-time based on intersection turn defaults

It converts to some segments. I still really don’t understand what it does when it does or why personally.

But I’m with Quinn specifically on the number 3 point; the others seem pretty obvious to me (ie “right” should always be in front… which is true, it should)

I don’t so much care about the pin being center; I don’t care if I knew I just went up or down a hill; I know what I just did. I would prefer to see what’s coming up. So base the remainder on some distance, chosen or relegated to whatever (upcoming 1km for example. User defined would be fantastic though). Based on current route.

This will break when free-roaming and doing unexpected turns however. But, maybe it 's just me, I far more prefer to see something glitch out for half a second than show me something as useless as that micro ramp up Radio Tower of all things…

The reality is, we just need a consistent scale; and that radio tower segment is proof of the primary issue with it. You cannot guess that radio tower is upwards of 15% in some areas based on that profile.

Tip to ZHQ:
If you really want to show the segments like that, the way they are, so you know where you are in relation to them… force the 1km view, and have it color the segment a unique color; so we know where it ends.
I envision this similar to how the ADZ segment map transitions.
It would be slick if ALL KOMs were treated this way.
Sprints would be cool to have their own display too; maybe something like the [now outdated] iTT HUD race display, showing your average speeds, etc.

And on the subject… can we seriously get better markers for where sprints and KOMs start on the map please??


Quick little mockup; which, I guess now it seems kind of silly to see essentially what we’re asking for directly behind the actual gradient %, but… it’s funny because THAT, right there is exactly what we actually WANT to see. Not the weird segment strip…

Now obviously this as a mockup is… QUITE extreme being Radio taking up that much of the map…

Things might get a little wonky when descents are extreme, so it would be important to ensure the centerpoint is high enough.


The way I see it, the only right way to do it would be like many other apps do - elevation profile at the bottom of the screen, where the power graph is now. Someone made a great mockup of this a few months ago.