HR , cadence and weight of riders

Is it just me or would others like to see the HR , cadence and weight possibly age of the other riders out in the rides rather than just their watts per kg ? Just thought it’d be interesting :man_shrugging:

Hi @Nic_Christie

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If you click on the rider list, you will see the race from their view and also the power, HR and cadence.

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Age will and should remain an option to show.

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This in particular can be a sensitive subject for people. But if you’re good at mental arithmetic you can calculate it.


I disagree with this. All this should be optional. I actually think showing everyone your w/kg is wrong in the first place. All these metrics should be visible to you and not everyone else (unless you choose to make them visible).

Cheaters maybe don’t like people know what they are doing… :relieved: :joy:

Other people, maybe have not any inconvenience :wink:

P.S: Of course, voted!

w/kg - keep it open, it is nice to see how hard that person is trying to catch you and if you can match it or not.

Age - optional
HR - optional , i dont want you to know I am about to have a heart attack trying to keep my lead in 250th place :smiley:

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