How to watch another zwifter ride?

Hi all. I’m new to zwift and am currently screen mirroring the game to my smart tv from the android app on my galaxy s8 plus phone I also have the companion app. I’m trying to figure out the procedure for watching another zwifter ride. I’ve researched this before asking the question but the answer appears quite elusive.
Can someone describe step by step for me? I just want to log in and watch a particular zwifter as they ride.
Thanks in advance.

@Peter_Davies3 it’s not really user friendly to do. First you need to be following them. Then log into Zwift, after the pairing screen there will be a list of people you follow riding below the world selection. Click there name and ride with. Once you spawn in game find their name on the list of riders on the right side of the UI and click it. Don’t pedal or anything and you should follow them for their ride.

I’ll give that a go. Thanks for your help :+1:

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You can also use the companion app to “fan view” them, but you still need to be in the game at the same time.

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Haven’t seen ‘fan view’ anywhere in the companion app but I’ll keep my out :+1:

You must be in the game for this to show up, go to the Zwifters nearby/following menu and click on a name. You will then see the fan view icon.