How to silence notifications from all other iPhone apps while Zwift is active?


I use Zwift on my iPhone 11. I’d like to be able to easily turn off notifications from all other apps while I’m riding in Zwift to minimize distractions.

For example, someone will send me a text message or a weather app will pop up an alert and the banners cover a lot of Zwift information while I’m riding.

This is super distracting but I don’t want to go into settings every time to disable notifications then turn them back on when I’m done riding.

Does anyone know of a fast and easy way to disable all other app notifications only while the Zwift app is open or I’m actively riding on Zwift?

Many thanks!

Put your phone in do not disturb mode before you start zwifting. Then turn it off when you are done

Thanks @D_Watson_HERD_Sweep !