How to modify training plan for over 50?

I am over 50 and have a feeling that training plans are for younger riders. I feel I need more rest between sessions to lower hearth rate . Wondering, how to modify, or what to change to make it easier for hearth to be more suitable for somebody like me - closer to 60. I still want to train, prepare myself for longer rides, but not races.


Relatively new to Zwift but I’m 55 and my understanding and experience is the training plans are tailored to your ftp. So do a ramp test and get your ftp and the training plan intensity is automatically adjusted for you personally. I think it’s brilliant frankly.

Barrie, you are absolutely correct that training plans are tailored acording personal ftp. What I am referring to is that young guy need less time to recover his hearth rate than we older do. This is my feeling. My ftp is 220, tested few times. Maybe I shoud set it up for 200 or less.

If you use the companion app while training, you can pause the workout at any time. So if you need more recovery time, pause the workout for an extra minute or two. Conversely, if you need a bit of a rest during a harder effort, pause the workout for 15 seconds or so and then get back at it! I had to do this last night during an long difficult interval, my legs just needed a 15 second rest and then I was able to power through the rest of the workout.

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Mike, this is the solution. Never used pop up window while in training mode. Surprised to see pause there.

Ride on,

P.s. wondering where is my wife hiding her pause button? :slight_smile:

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The training plans that are based on FTP are fine for the work out days but I find I need to have more rest days.
I rest M-W-F and do workouts the other days.
Since I take more rest days, I push my workouts a little more.

I read an article some time ago and the main point was as we age, it is ok to push our exertion level to the max during intervals, in fact, we should do this to slow the aerobic decline that comes naturally from aging.
If we train long and slow, we will not slow our aerobic decline.
What we do need, is more rest between our work outs.


Read FAST AFTER 50. By Joe Friel

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Zeke, thanks for pointing out. Nice reading.

This. Post workout recovery takes longer as we age. You can still push hard during your workouts but recovery days or full rest days are needed more when you get older. If you are not able to complete workouts it could be that you simply have not recovered from the previous one.

If you are doing full on 60-90 minute VO2 max interval sessions at age 60 you probably want to limit this to two times a week and fill other days with easy Z2 rides. Leave the 3 or 4 times a week VO2 max stuff to the younger kids that can recover from it.