Improve Training Plans for Those Over 50

It’s no secret that as we age, recovery takes longer. The same FTP to a 20 year old compared to a 50+ year old require different lengths of time. My suggestion is to use an intelligent feature to build in recovery days based on age. A 20 year old may not need one after an 1 hour and 45 min Build Me Up session at FTP, but this 68 year old would appreciate a Zone 1/2 easy day before the next session OR allow plan subscribers to insert their own recovery days when they need them without planned workouts aging out and disappearing. Thanks

(Note: You’ve posted this in the bugs forum. I think you meant to post it in feature requests so you may want to ask a mod to move it for you)

Basing recovery day requirements just on age (especially a binary cutoff at 50) makes no sense. Recovery time is based on numerous factors - real age, “training age” (how long you’ve been training), your existing/previous training load heading into the block, your gender, your nutrition and lifestyle, your other life stresses, work/job, sleep quality, your unique genes/physiology… etc etc. Tying it to age alone doesn’t really make any sense, there’s a weak correlation if any and too many other conflicting factors.

It would make more sense for recovery/workout difficulty within a training plan to be either configurable (easy/medium/hard), adaptive (“you failed this workout, we’re going to increase your recovery periods”, as per TrainerRoad), or… just pick an easier training plan yourself if the one you’ve picked is too intense for you - just pick another one.