How to Join a team!

Hey Zwifters,

Iv been on Zwift for 6months now, loving the competitive element it brings into cycling. I’ve been aware of teams but never really paid but attention to it. I just like to get on and ride individual races, however… mistakenly entered a team trail a while back and speeded off completely missing the point needless to say I was caught a passed by the team before the end. I tagged on the back off the pack for a while, where a member was instructing the team when to hold when to go etc. (It was quite impressive)

Now I seen a similar event today specifying the need to register a team of 4 - 8 rider’s before the event start.

So my question is how do I go about joining a team??, can I join one randomly, do I need to be invited.

Cheers Ashley
Ride On!!

Hi @Ashley_Chester_8616

Most teams has FB pages where you can reach them. Or if you do group rides and find that you like a specific group/team you can ask then in game cat how to contact them.

It also depend on the time you ride.

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Hey Ashley,

Did you find a team? We enter TTT and various other races and social rides throughout the week if you are interested in trying you can find us on Facebook at Facebook Groups or discord DISCORD.IO | Rhino Racing.

Join above or any questions drop me a message.