How to import Zwift activities to Suunto App (not Movescount)

Dear all,

is there a way how to get my activities from Zwift to the new Suunto App on Android? In the past I used FitnessSyncer but it only will Import it to Movescount not to the App itselft.

Thanks for helping

I would also like to know this!
And probably the 500 other people that have a suunto and use zwift!
I’ve tried everything today, nothing works and i’m so frustrated.
I just bought a suunto 9 baro titanium for all my savings, and boom… NOTHING.
I get that this isn’t the fault of zwift, but i do hope they will see this and put a little pressure on suunto or strava to get this done.

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Cant you link your Suunto app to Strava and get your info that way?