How to import Zwift activities to Suunto App (not Movescount)

Dear all,

is there a way how to get my activities from Zwift to the new Suunto App on Android? In the past I used FitnessSyncer but it only will Import it to Movescount not to the App itselft.

Thanks for helping

I would also like to know this!
And probably the 500 other people that have a suunto and use zwift!
I’ve tried everything today, nothing works and i’m so frustrated.
I just bought a suunto 9 baro titanium for all my savings, and boom… NOTHING.
I get that this isn’t the fault of zwift, but i do hope they will see this and put a little pressure on suunto or strava to get this done.

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Cant you link your Suunto app to Strava and get your info that way?

Any solution on that?

You can use an app called Rungap to connect Zwift or Strava to Sportstracker (which mirrors all data on the Suunto App).

I do this after every Zwift to get it on the Suunto App.

I am trying to find a way of getting the workout on my watch so that my watch matches the app. Have not solved that one yet.

Thanks. This is very helpful. Now it is working on my side with Sports Tracker. I sync my tracks via Fitnesssyncer App on Android now.

BR and thanks for your help

By the way; did you manage to connect your Suunto 9 watch to Zwift? I have not been able to connect my Suunto 9, doesnt appear when searching for in in Zwift (both laptop and iOs)

Not possible as far as I know

Not at all.