How to fix group rides

This past week I have done 3 cat D group rides where there either wasn’t a leader (in the case of the USAC ride, go figure) or there was a beacon but no fence was used. This causes most riders to get caught up with trying to find a group to ride with. Or, like me, spend 50% of my ride riding alone with no one on my mini map.

Here’s how to fix that.

If a club wants to hold a group ride, you HAVE to use the fence and the leader shall ride at the advertised pace. If you are a club and want to have a fun ride with zwifters without the fence, call it a fondo.

This way, I know that if I enter a group ride or a fondo, I can set my expectations accordingly.

Group rides are difficult. They are announced at a W/Kg. Which means a different effort depending on the riders weight, fitness and the course profile. It also depends on the ride leaders weight.
All of this makes it hard to please all. Only solution I can think of, is to have a system where every rider perceives the same effort. Much like workouts.

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