How to change meetup event name?

How can I change my meetup’s event name? Right now it’s just being seen as “MY NAME’S” MEETUP. How can I change it to my club’s name, etc.?z

Or maybe how to do I add club event which can be listed at


I cannot find a way to do this either. I think it is deliberate to distinguish between meet ups and official group rides? I just add the club name in the comments.

I would really like to be able to customize my Meetup names as well. This seems like the most obvious, simple option.

Totally agree …trying to do this as well

You can’t change the name of a Meetup.

Same here. No chance to edit the Meetup name :disappointed:
Love’d to give it a personalized name.

You can do it after finishing (edit activity).

I know, it’ll change only my activities name and not the one for all participants.

I find this especially annoying because my last name ends in an “s” so my meetups are always named “Columbus’s” … which is terrible.

Agreed this is a terrible oversight. Please bump this up on the backlog. Just having it on the mobile companion app would be fine.