Can't change my display name?

(Darren Linkin (True 2.5)) #1

Can’t seem to do it. I have my real name but want to tag my cycling club name on the end so it’s easier to find each other. The dashboard let’s me change the name but then when I log back into the dashboard or the program it defaults back to my original (real) name.

(Simon Oxenham [VC10]) #2

I had the same problem today. It looks like it saves, but when you refresh the page it reverts back to the old name?

(Tim Wyrick WBR (C)) #3

Go to dashboard Look for profile change name there

(Warren MacroPhotoFly) #4

Same Problem - only option appears to be change your full name in “General” under profile (and that reverts back to my name each time). Is there another place to change your display name?

(H Pool) #5

Same problem here. Anyone figure it out?


(Mark F BFCC) #6

Same here - just reverts

(Tim Johnson) #7

I have the same problem… I want to differentiate myself from all the other T. Johnson’s out there.

(Darren Linkin (True 2.5)) #8

I’m disappointed this wasn’t updated in the recent new version…I assume it’s not a significant programming task just a correction/tweak since you can edit your weight. This is an important way we can find each other (e.g. clubmates). People are already not using their real names in some cases, and as “T. Johnson” points out, it does the opposite of being findable if you have a common name. I posted a very long list of suggestions to make group rides better but one big area is identifying people who are in your ride…being able to edit your name to be more distinctive, or even on the fly to be of a certain ride group, would help a lot. Thanks!

(Brad SisyphusComplex) #9

I also want to coordinate it with my Strava name and can’t change it either.

(Jason K) #10

Heads up: this should now be fixed!

(Darren Linkin (True 2.5)) #11

THANK YOU ZWIFT!!! Yes it is fixed…I changed to D. Linkin_QCW (my club is QCW Cycling)