How "Ride with Friends" on new ATV interface?

I just tried the new interface on ATV and wanted to ride with my granddaughter but I can’t find the “Ride with Friends” in the new UI… can’t find the friend list. How do I do that now?

You can’t do it with the new interface, they should bring it back sometime.

Best now is to create a meetup with her.

Unfortunately, neither one of us ride on an exact schedule. We see the other riding and just join. If you could do an instant meetup then maybe, but the way you have to schedule Meet-ups out x number of minutes in advance, we’d be done by the time the Meet-up started. She only rides 30 minutes or less. Seems crazy that Zwift would take something as basic as that out! “bring it back sometime” doesn’t sound encouraging…


It’s been missing from the start, which for some users is around eight months now. Good, eh?

Yikes!.. that’s worse that I thought. Sounds like one of those, “We don’t give a damn” features. That “we want to hear what users want” attitude when Wahoo became competition seems to have vanished. Pity.

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Very encouraging! Really appreciate the update!

I think it’s probably something that the people developing the new UI didn’t even realize was there in the old one - it’s not like it was a feature in the Zwift user manual.

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On the other hand the “Friends List” is one of the most prominent items on the ride selection page… immediately above the [Ride] button. Seems hard to miss. :wink:

But with pace partners, if you don’t scroll down, it’s just a list of the pace partners and completely replaced by the ‘ride with pace partners’ row in the tiled interface.

Club selection and Goals are still missing too, are they not?

Good question… I don’t see either.

Yeah it’s kind of crazy to imagine developing a replacement for an established interface that didn’t start with a list of features in the old interface, and then testing them. Assuming the omission was an oversight, it’s inexplicable that there wasn’t a testing checklist that included trying it. It’s impossible to avoid regressions of all kinds without that.

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Club selection has moved to the Save Ride screen.


Goals are still accessible in the companion app too.


Craig: “Friends List” not Pace Partners… The friends list contained the list of friends you could select from in addition to pace partners. I’m looking to ride with friends, not the pace partners.

Yes, this is so annoying having to select every ride. And why can’t they remove the instructional text about uploading images! I’ve been in zwift for 5 years…I know how to upload an image…I don’t need the instructional text getting in the way every ride…grrrrr :grinning:

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Wanted to point you to this thread describing what’s happening with the return of this feature. Please join us over there, thanks.


This issue is that they used the “Ride With” functionality for the pace partners, so the pace partners were at the top, then pros/verified riders, then your friends. It was already half-broken from it’s original function, in my mind.