How regulate the resistence - Tacx Vortex ?

(Pawel Weini CRS (C)) #1

 At Climbing or Downhill I have always the same resistence at my Trainer. How Can i fix it?

(Steven Gilbert (PACK)) #2

There is a good write-up on Zwiftblog regarding Zwift and the Tacx Vortex (see ) where issues are covered under the section “Help! My Vortex Smart isn’t changing resistance on hills!”

Most common issue is that you must disconnect bluetooth.

(Jason K) #3

@Pawel: I had a look at your account, and you’ve only paired your Vortex under the Power category. You need to pair it under both Power and Controllable Trainer to get resistance.

(Pawel Weini CRS (C)) #4

@Jason K. thanks for your answer. 

Is the pairing with bluetooth and the app on my android phone possible or only in the combination PC and ANT±Stick compatible ?

best wishes

(Jason K) #5

Both are possible. BLE instructions are here: :slight_smile: