How long before i start training again?

Hey guys, im here to update you all on how my first middle distance triathlon went. Im proud to say it was a success. I finished the race ranked 109th of 500 competitors. I know want to know for how long I should rest before i can start training again. Do i just start when im not sore anymore? Would appreciate any useful information. Thanks😀

If you can afford to work with a coach, even for a short time, this would be a great time to do that and get help with your future plans. After I do a hard event (just did a 6-1/2 hour gravel/singletrack event last month) I generally take a couple days completely off and do a few moderate intensity rides of 1-2 hours to gauge how my body responds before doing anything harder. If I feel like crap on the bike on those rides, I end it early. If I’m feeling tired and easily breaking into a sweat the next day, that means I’m still cooked, regardless of soreness.

Okay so basically i should just listen to my body, thanks for the advice :+1: